Synthetikos is a boutique strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping large organizations and collectives to navigate complexity with agility.

In a complex and dynamic world, organizations that stay still rapidly become irrelevant. In every industry, in public service, and in philanthropy, we are seeing unprecedented disruption to business as usual. To survive and thrive in this environment, we need to balance exploitation of what worked in the past with exploration of new frontiers. We need deep innovation and rapid adaptation to expand into the adjacent possible. We need new collaborations that transcend organizational boundaries to convene unusual suspects around a shared cause. In today's world, these are not one-off needs, but a constant imperative. Yet most of the time, innovation happens not because of our organizations, but in spite of them.

Synthetikos works with our clients to build innovation capacity and innovation persistence within and across organizations. Sustaining innovation in a complex and dynamic environment demands a systems approach.

Our approach is guided by three systemic principles:

  1. Build capacity, not dependency.
  2. Tailored toolkits, not templated processes.
  3. Integrated design, not siloed solutions.

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